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It's a myth that conceal carry holster Inside the Waistband (IWB) means you have to sacrifice comfort and performance for concealment.
Cleveland Holsters are designed for optimal features of both aspects of carrying. These five points give you what you need to know.


Conceal carry holsters put your firearm right where you need it: where you can draw it and no one else can easily notice it - much less touch it. Inside the waistband conceal carry holsters, your firearm is reachable by your hands but not so easily reachable by an assailant's. It's harder to take your firearm away from you if you can reach it first. Also, other types of holsters reveal too much of the grip, allowing an unfriendly to literally use it as a handle to manhandle the weapon's own carrier.

 Conceal carry holster (IWB) is also far superior than merely concealing it in your briefcase or purse. Because while those place do conceal your weapon, they can also be taken from you. And just think, if your purse gets stolen, you've just armed a thief. A thief who has your personal information.

Your conceal carry holster is all about your comfort and response. And that's where we come in.