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It's the most comfortable conceal carry holster you'll find.


It all comes down to one thing: comfort. And our conceal carry holsters offer comfort like no other. Every idea and material that goes into our design reports to that mission of absolute comfort. Because comfort leads to confidence and security. In fact, comfort is really the reason you're carrying a firearm in the first place.

If your conceal carry (IWB) holster is comfortable to carry for twelve hours, you can carry the kind of firearm you feel more confident about. You don't have to reduce to a smaller weapon for the sake of comfort. Not with our holsters. Because with Cleveland Holsters you can conceal carry a full-frame semi auto without the burden of a full-frame semi auto.

With that level of comfort you're more at ease and don't have the constant reminder that you're carrying. You can live your day the way you want and still have the confidence that when you need to draw your firearm, your conceal carry holster will perform. Every single time.


All of our conceal carry holsters are so comfortable because we only use smooth American tanned premium dense leather to protect you and your firearm. The superior quality of the leather keeps sweat away from your firearm, while molding to your body. We also extend our design to create a barrier between your skin and the grip of your firearm. This creates the highest level of comfort as no part of your firearm is touching your skin. And since we burnished the edges to a smooth finish, it won't peel or scrape against your skin. Plus the bottom edge of our holsters feature a continuous curved line. This is far more comfortable than the typical cornered shapes other holsters use to trim tightly around a firearm, but give more pinch points where their holsters can dig into your skin. Ours are one long, smooth curve - no pinch points.


Your firearm has never been more securely held in an IWB conceal carry holster than it will be in our exclusive vacuum-formed Kydex mold. The first reason is the exact fit created by using the specific firearm model, which gives you our trademark "click" when reholstering. Then we extend the Kydex shield above the beltline and all the way down and over the edge of the barrel, which protects your weapon more completely than other holsters. The added benefit of putting the mouth of the holster above your beltline means you can reholster all day long with one hand while avoiding obstructions created by what you're wearing. In other words, only Cleveland conceal carry Holsters uses more Kydex, so you can get more protection and use less effort.


With our exclusive design, you can carry your firearm with a neutral cant, forward cant, rear cant, FBI cant. In all there are 441 different cants you can wear your firearm, and certainly one of them will be perfect for when you have to draw. Most other holsters offer only 16 cant options, which we feel isn't nearly as customizable for absolute comfort. After all, when you're most comfortable, you're most confident.


Every Cleveland Holster comes standard with American made, black matte oxidized steel clips which can be worn over the belt or under the belt as a J-clip for deeper concealment. Either way, your firearm is right there where you need it, when you need it.


In order to keep your firearm secure over time, we only use American made brass screws, oxidized to a matte black finish, your holster is not only sleek and low profile, but you can adjust the tension to accommodate the changes the leather makes as it stretches and forms over time. You simply cannot get this adjustment from rivets typically found in other holsters. Then by adding mil-spec rubber o-rings, we give you a tension system to keep your firearm silent and just as snug as the day you bought our holster. And that's the confidence you need when you're carrying.